Girls Brigade

Monday   |   6pm to 7.30pm   |   Reception - 18yrs 


Girls Brigade is part of a global Christian movement with a great history and a passionate vision for this generation and the future - it’s committed to seeing lives and communities transformed and enriched as individuals seek, serve and follow Jesus Christ. Worldwide there are over 3,000 GB Companies and over 126,000 members. In 2013, GB celebrated 120 years of mission among children and young people


Its work is expressed in various ways, but all with the same aim – that children and young people discover what it means to experience and share ‘life to the full’, an expression Jesus used to explain what happens in our lives as we follow Him.


Age Groups

n:investigate for 4-7 years

There are so many n:vestigations to choose from – Our Planet, Our Favourite Things, Celebrations, Other Countries – all packed with Get Mucky! Activities, Jump Up! Games, Dig Deep! and Zoom In! To find out about the topic and what the Bible can teach us. Gabby and Barney, two GB characters decide to investigate and invite you to join them.


n:gage for 7-11’s
Seven to 11s discover the adventure of following Jesus through GB's resource books


n:counta for 11-14’s
What does meeting real life head on mean? Hopefully GB helps you understand more about yourself, your skills and what God says about you. What are your favourite parts of GB  - catching up with friends? Games? Hot chocolate? Quite a few of the n:counta tracks suggest toast and time to chat, which is a fab idea.

n:spire for 13-18’s
An extra place to experience the challenge of life and faith. We know for 13-18s there’s probably a lot going on in your life – the dreaded coursework and exams which you can’t seem to get a break from. Remember that GB is a fun and safe place for you to be yourself. 

Contact Barbara Rainbow, Captain for more information –


At Girls’ Brigade, along with our weekly badge work, we also like to organise various activities in addition to our normal programme, and we have visited the Barn Owl Centre, the Climbing Warehouse in Gloucester, an African drumming workshop, a Fun Science session, and a visit to the Airborne Trampoline park, to name but a few.






Girls’ Brigade Camp

Over the past 2 years we have joined with the Bath Girls and Boys Brigade and other companies for summer camp.  In 2015 we camped in Chideock in Dorset, and in 2016 in Corfe, Dorset.  In 2018 we will be camping in Dyffryn in Wales.





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