Sue Woodley

I was born in London and moved to Charlton Kings in 1995 after a 3 year posting to Hong Kong. In 2002 I experienced a strong call on my life to ministry and subsequently attended Bristol Baptist College. I was ordained in 2006 and called to pastor CKBC in 2008.


My journey to knowing Jesus was not an easy one. Life’s problems and lack of biblical knowledge led me down some rocky paths but today I am a fully committed follower of Jesus because I have by the grace of God, come to personally know his radical, unconditional, and unwavering love. Jesus changed me from the inside out.


I was shy and felt inadequate; he gave me confidence and a voice.

I felt worthless but He showed me I was worthy of His ultimate sacrifice.

My heart was full of despair, he filled it with hope.

I was worried and anxious, He gave me his peace.


I was 37 years old at the time, 7 months pregnant with my daughter, and had been attending church for many years but I never really understood the good news about Jesus. On the 30th June 1991 after a full week of amazing teaching God broke into my life. Suddenly I understood how much God loves us.


Since that night I have wanted nothing more than to see others come to that saving knowledge of who Jesus is and what he has done for all of us.

No one is beyond His reach.


If you have questions that you want to ask or you need to find hope in a time of despair I can often be found in “The King’s Coffee House”.   I am at the church on Tuesdays between 10 and 12 noon if you would like a chat.   You are, of course, very welcome to any of our services, we would always be pleased to meet you.

Children's worker

My name is Pam Adams and I have been a Deacon for just 1 year. I am married to Paul –we have no children but 1 cat. We live on the border of Charlton Kings /Leckhampton and both work locally for the NHS. We have been at CKBC since 2010 and became members in 2013. I consider myself to be working my apprenticeship as a Christian having spent most of my life outside the faith. Because of this I realise that many people find the idea of church either irrelevant or weird. I came to realise that though it can be both, Jesus Christ is neither: he welcomes everyone, especially the damaged and imperfect. I suffer from depression and am happy to support others for who life and emotion can be a daily struggle. I have a strong sense of fairness and am keen to stand up for justice wherever I can. Jesus was a troublemaker when necessary-we often forget that. I am finding my way as a deacon and willing to turn my hands to most things-especially talented at washing up, not good at baking! I feel that CKBC is at the heart of a community and that we can offer friendship to the lonely, a safe environment for families and a place to ask those difficult questions and be accepted for who you are.


My Name is Ann Yeneralski but I like to be called Annie. I was born in Bournemouth in 1951 where I met and married  Colin in 1972. We have three children, Kevin  married to Cath and they have 4 boys, Katy married to Ben and they have a boy and a girl and our youngest Ian married to Phillipa with a Boy and girl. We have lived in Charlton Kings for approximately 4 years and moved to be nearer our daughter. We previously lived in  Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Southampton where I worked as a Church Administrator for an Anglican Church for 16 yrs, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We struggled to settle  in Charlton Kings at first but feel really called to serve at CKBC.  We sealed our commitment to God and CKBC by being Baptised in March this year. As well as being a Deacon I help with the monthly Friendship Club at Coopers Court and am on the Coffee and Flower Rota.  Heading up the Pastoral Team is the latest task I have taken on and have a lovely group of people supporting me. I look forward to our future together and pray that I will become a valued member of the team.


I have been a member of Charlton Kings Baptist Church since 1972 when I transferred from Cambray Baptist Church and took over as Girls’ Brigade Captain, where I still serve as captain.  I was brought up in a loving Christian family, and made a decision to follow Jesus at the age of 14.  I am passionate about overseas mission and following God’s calling, have served on overseas BMS Summer Teams and BMS Church teams in Nigeria, Thailand and Kolkata, over the last 15 years.  I serve as Treasurer at CKBC.  I am married to Brian and we have 2 married sons and 4 grandchildren.  I am also involved in the worship group and assist with Messy Church.  I work at the University of Gloucestershire at the Park Campus where I am the co-ordinator and administrator for the Sustainability team.

Children's worker

Jess has lived in Cheltenham for 8 years and recently moved into the heart of the village where she enjoys being a part of the community in which she works as our children's worker. She has a real heart for reaching the families that live locally and helping the children that she comes in contact with to get to know Jesus.

She has been in this role for nearly 3 years and during this time has restructured Messy Church and the Sunday clubs and worked to develop the other groups we run for the children and families. She organises social events throughout the year for the children as well as working to nurture their Christian faith. She has established links with the junior school by contributing to Jaffa Club (the Christian after school club).

As well as being the children's worker Jess also works 2 days a week at the Little Kingdom Nursery held in the church where she has been able to introduce the children to bible stories and is able to further build and strengthen relationships with local families.

Jess has been worshipping at CKBC for 5 years; where she was baptised and is now part of the leadership team.


Hello.  My name is Kieron Davies and I have been a Christian for  over ten years.   I still remember vividly my baptism all those years ago and found it more nerve wracking than my wedding.  I made a commitment to God back then and I have been on a wonderful journey with him.  What is more exciting however is what is to come.   In the meantime however I became a Deacon in 2015, but have been actively involved in the church in a number of areas before and since then.  I am a singer in the Worship band and part of the preaching team, which means I occasionally deliver the Word of God from time to time as and when our minister gives me the opportunity.  My journey to faith came through Apologetics and this plays a big part in my life which is why I run an apologetics home group, where anyone is welcome to attend.

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