9th April 2017
Palm Sunday
2nd April 2017
19th March 2017
The Potters Clay
From guest speaker Tim Welch
12th March 2017
Elijah Prophet of fire
19th February 2017
Powerful Prayer
Daniel 9
12th February 2017
Battle in the Heavenlies
9th October 2016
Empowered People
2nd October 2016
Holy Living

Today we had Beverly Jones paint for us while we were worshiping God.  The results of this is shown below.


18th September 2016
Soften your heart
4th September 2016
No Clanging Gongs
If I speak in the tongues of men and of Angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.
28th August 2016
Heirs to God
What does moving in the Spirit look like?

A warm welcome back to a gifted preacher to deliver us a powerful and challenging word of God

21st August 2016
God's Love in the Old Testament
A sermon about God's love amidst the violence of the Old Testament

Transcript can be found here


Gods Love in the Old Testament.docx

17th July 2016
Carriers of the Glory
3rd July 2016
Gifts from the Giver Part 4
19th June 2016
Boaz Service
A sermon on the unsung hero of the story of Ruth.
12th June 2016
Gifts from the Giver part 3
A sermon about the gifts of the Holy Spirit
15th May 2016
Gifts from the Giver (Pentecost)
Asking for wisdom at Penecost

During the talk there is a video clip which compares the wisdom of the world to God's wisdom.  This occurs when you hear the music in the audio clip.  The link to the transcript for that video clip is below:


Gods wisdom vs World Wisdom.docx

1st May 2016
A Clean Cup
Take the "I" out and put Christ in
24th April 2016
Wedding at Cana
Celebrate Service
10th April 2016
Two Advocates
7th February 2016
Preparing for lent
Details of this talk are to follow
31st January 2016
Details of this talk are to follow
17th January 2016
A sermon on the mystery of prayer.

Transcript for sermon - Prayer.docx

10th January 2016
Humility and Fasting
Details of this talk are to follow
4th October 2015
Sodom and Gomorrah
Details of this talk are to follow
23rd August 2015
John Mckie
Details of this talk are to follow
22nd February 2015
Fruits of the Spirit
By Jason Bryant
8th February 2015
Thank you for our problems
Details of this talk are to follow
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